December 17, 2015

Welcome Lammy!

Hi all...
It's been more than a month since I haven't wrote any update on this blog. And well, looks like it's already the last month of the year and yet half of my 2015 wish lists still remains unticked :(

But I got a big news!

Do you remember my cousin Coco and Lammy? I wrote about them a while back. We were previously living in separate house (Coco and Lammy were living with my Mum's sister) and they often visit me once a week or so to have our pawsome sleepover every now and then, but since these past few months, Lammy has been slowing moving to my place and now you can officially tell that I won't be the only fur kid in this house anymore, but isn't that a good thing?

A lot of thing happened after since.

Mum has been buying a lot of stuffs so that she won't touch mine Lammy could feel like home.

Lammy has to undergo a surgery that Mum believes it's for her best. This was the toughest part and I will write about it on another post later!

And finally,
I now have a BFF to start our adventure in life together!!! This is the best part!

Well, if you're curious... the reason why Lammy moved to my house was because my Mum's sister will be moving in an apartment starting next year and her new apartment only allows 1 pet per room so she has to choose one between Coco or Lammy. This was a tough decision, so please don't tell Lammy anything about it or else she might thinks she's less important. She IS important to me and to my Mum now.

Till then!