November 14, 2015

I'm Turning 2!

Hi y'all!

I know I've been seriously missing in action for a very loooooonngggg time now!! Mum's still so busy with all her stuffs and won't let me use the laptop even for a second (blame her!!!). But you know what, today I turned 2! So there's no more reason for not celebrating it and post it on my blog.

I'm two years old now!

I can hardly believe it! I still remember being five months old and thinking two years old was several lifetimes away.

This is my birthday cake!

Ok, don't waste your time Mum. Just put it down.

And I ate em all! Nom Nom Nom.

Fyi, my birthday cake was made of wet food (Seriously, Mum?). Well, even though it looks nothing special, it tastes great and I love it!

My only birthday wish is for Mum to be able to manage her time well. That's all. Really.

Talk to you soon!

November 2, 2015

Think Pink!

I got a letter today!
Mum said it's for me. There's my name written on the envelope. And yep, it's literally for me. Not Mum, but me. I'm so curious who's the lovely that sent me this letter...

Mum, can you open it for me, please? *me asking nicely*

It's a Breast Cancer Awareness button from Angel Greta!

That button is a giveaway from Angel Greta from Idaho PugRanch for Breast Cancer Awareness Month that falls on October. Even though I just received this button on the second day of November, it's not a problem at all because I'll always support this campaign no matter what month it is.

Thank you Angel Greta! Well done, you're the best pink dog ever!