September 25, 2015

FFHT - September: Suri and the Magic Bowl

My F.F.H.T. story for this month:
(based on half true made up story)

Mum been changing the color of her hair end a lot lately. Last month she had dark brown and then yellow. Earlier this month she had it pink (I spell it correctly: P-I-N-K). And this past two weeks she's been obsessed with bizarre rainbow colored hair that she calls it "Magical Unicorn Cotton Candy Ombre Hair".

I mean, it's just crazy right? Me don't care what color is on her hair, me don't see bright and bold color, like as something to even call "magical". But the fact that she was super excited to even bother to dye her hair herself drives me crazy!

I mean, she's been hunting the "right" hair dye ever since and when she finally bought one and on that one evening she opened a tube of hair color and squeezed it on a plastic bowl, she said something like "Here will come a magic from this bowl!"

I mean, who isn't interested to magic? So my reaction was certainly "Magic? Wow!" and instinctively looked inside the bowl wanted to see "magic". But ya know what? There's nothing magical there. I mean, wow, she lied! Mum tried to push me away and grabbed the magic bowl away from me because she knew that I knew she lied. But I couldn't just give in and I needed to stop her from touchin the bowl but it wasn't fair as you know I have paws and she has fingers. Still I didn't want to lose so I weighed down the bowl with my paws which meant I put my paws inside that "fake magical" bowl.

What happened after that is Mum stopped herself from touching the bowl and screamed. My paws got a bath afterward

and that's why my toes turned purple...

like this.

September 21, 2015

Mischief Monday: The first time Mum yelled at me

I found an old photo of me, I should probably post it on Throwback Thursday but I think Mischief Monday would be more suitable.

This was the very first time Mum screamed my name in a not happy voice. I was only four months old, she wasn't supposed to be "that" harsh.

September 20, 2015

MIA Update: Mum Left Me AGAIN!!

Hi there my lovelies!!
I've been seriously MISSING IN ACTION for about 1000 days now. This is because Mum was leaving me to Singapore again for almost a whole week. She brought the laptop with her so this was me during her leaving:

The night is cold and the day is cold. My soul is cold.

You know what upset me?? She's leaving early morning when I was still asleep. You know what even upset me more? When she even sent me a pic of her meeting another Schnauzer in a random street when she walked back to her hotel in Singapore. She said, "SURI I MET YOUR CLONE! Look at this:"

Definitely not me.

She finally came back home today. SHE'S NOT EVEN BRINGING ME ANYTHING. She said she is super tired and have no time shopping around because she was working full time during the whole week which is a very cheesy excuses.

But I'm glad she's back. Which mean I can start posting daily again.
I miss bloggyyyy

September 13, 2015

Easy Homemade Treat Recipe (NO BAKE)

Hi my lovelies!
Phew~ Finally I'm back online again after idling for 300 days. I miss my blog so much! Mum been using the laptop a lot lately and because we share the same laptop (her laptop), I am the one who waits.

Anyway, today I wanna share with you my favorite homemade treat. It's very simple to make and even Mum who's not good at cooking can make it. Plus, it requires no oven or microwave, just simply a fridge.

SERIOUS NOTE: If you try this recipe, make sure you're not allergic with any of the ingredients.


1 part dry dog foods (crushed)
1 part oat
1/4 part water
A pinch of cinnamon
2 part peanut butter


1. Mix all the ingredients together until it forms paste. If it's too thick, add more water. Make sure it's not too mushy.

2. By your hand or by a spoon, make a shape of ball. The size of the ball is on your preferences.

3. Let it sit on the freezer for 2-3 hours. Serve.

Super easy! And it's very tasty! The best part is you can choose any flavor with the dog foods, chicken is my favorite!

Yum. Yum.

Do your Mom or Dad make you homemade treat too?

September 8, 2015

I'm a GIRL!

Because of my appearance, peeps often mistaken me for a boy.
It happened again today when Me and Mum was having our walkies this morning, a stranger came up and said to Mum, "You're dog is so handsome!"
I was so pissed off so I had no other choice than to bark that lady out loud.

She said HANDSOME. I repeat, H-A-N-D-S-O-M-E.

LISTEN peeps! Just because I have mustache, beard and bushy eyebrow doesn't mean I'm a boy!

I'm a girl. See?

My advice to peeps if next time they see a dog they want to compliment, please consider the dog's and the dog's parents' feeling. For example you can say something like "You're one cute pup!" or "Your dog is adorable!" or anything gender neutral.

September 6, 2015

Swimmy Sunday

Hello to all my furriends!

My curly cousin Lammy visited me again this weekend and we had a pretty fun pool time. I don't have a real swimming pool in ma house so Mum had to bought me an inflatable kiddie pool.

The pool has a funny bird head on it. Wait, it's not Tweety! Even though it looks like him.

 Me and Lammy were patiently waiting while Mum filled the pool with water.

Mum put me inside da pool.

So this is me inside the pool.

Can we get a bigger pool, please?

And this is Lammy inside the pool.

Um... Mum, isn't it too small for three of us inside?

I hate being forced to swim.

Mum couldn't take better photos because her flashy box was broken the other day and she had to use her phone camera. But overall I enjoyed my swimmy time with Lammy.

And this is us after we had a bath and Mum dried us while we fell asleep. I always fall asleep when Mum blows me hot air. So comfy.

September 5, 2015

Fake Suri

Someone that gave Mum flower yesterday gave Mum something again today.
Check this:

Mum called this beardy thing "Fake Suri". She keeps thinking it looks like me and compares me to "her" from head to toe. Meh.

Of course I'm WAY BETTER than the fake. Well, maybe my beard is not as clean as her but just wait until she tastes my YUM lamb jerky that contributes a lot to this stain.

Well, she ain't gonna taste it anyway. She does not have mouth or tongue. How is she gonna bark with her lips stitched like that? Poor little creature.

Mum: "Suri, you do realize Fake Suri is a plush toy, don't you?"
Me: "It is? Oh yeah of course I realize. It smells nothing real at all. That's obvious, Mum!"

Pee S. I think the person who has been giving Mum this and that is a nice guy. I wonder why Mum is still not dating him. I'd love to have two servants like YAM-aunty said a Dad.

September 4, 2015

Flower Friday: A Chance

Today is Flower Friday.

Mum received a flower bouquet.

She shows me the flower and I sniff

It smells like a chance of having a Dad.

And I don't know if I should let Mum know about how it smells.

September 3, 2015

Fisheye Lens

Did I say fish?
Well, Mum been buying stuffs online again and this time is a clip-on fisheye lens and it is used by attaching it to a phone's camera. It makes the pictures look funny, like this:

This one is blurry. Apparently she's not clever enough to use it.

So what makes it any difference to the picture taken, ya ask?

If you look closely at these two photos below, you'll see how the tiles on the floor doesn't seem to have a "normal" perspective. It is curved, just like how fish see things. That's why it is called fisheye lens. Duh.

That's all?
That's all.

It looks great for taking picture of plant, like that garlic plant above.

But what's so fun about taking picture of plant when then again there's me? Mum is buying another will-not-be-so-used stuffs again.

September 2, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: In Sweet Loving Memory of Mr. Panda's Face

Can't do this wordless.

At this point at least I, just at least I, well at least I, have to say goodbye and to remember Mr. Panda's sweet lovely face. Please take my sincere goodbye as an apology and I'll take this as a reminder not to be too harsh next time because apparently playing with dead Panda with no face sucks. And creepy.

You'll be missed, Mr. Panda face.

September 1, 2015

Suri Goes to Singapore part 2

Hi there my cuties!

I will continue my Singapore trip story here.
Read Suri Goes to Singapore part 1.

So after I had enough fun from swimming in the pond at Singapore Botanical Garden, we then went to Universal Studio Singapore. It was one sunniest day of my life and I almost melt from the stupid heat. You see that foggy background behind me? It was the only thing that helped keeping me intact.

In the afternoon we had our lunch at an outdoor cafe. I met a beautiful lady named Mrs. Pigeon and we surely had a nice talk that day.

We also stopped at this wide river named Clarke Quay. Mom missed a good shot because she was busy looking at the map on her phone to find the bus code for our way back. I told her not to be too busy with her phone and look around. She looked around and then sad, because she found so many cute couples cuddled on the river bank while she was there alone. Poor Mum.
Wait, what? Correction: She wasn't alone, I was there.

Mum took too long to find the bus code until it was already past 11 PM (silly Mum!). So we took the last train when the station was already empty. The next day we returned to Indonesia. Mum smuggled me in her luggage this time because I didn't have ticket and she didn't want to buy me one. That was CRUEL but I really enjoyed my Singapore trip.

The End.