August 23, 2015

Throwback: My First Beach Day!

Nuthin fun happens recently. Mum been busy with her illustrations project and said that she doesn't even have time for herself. Too bad, she promised me to take me to somewhere cool this summer. I really want to scold her for being unreliable, but I feel sorry for herself. She rarely had proper sleeping time these days too. So to cure this summer boredom, I guess I'll be just chewing furniture chillin with myself for a while even though it feels like the most boring days ever. Ugh!

To make me feel better about myself and instead of complaining about how dull this summer is, I think I'll just have a look at my beach trip photos from last year and share it here so that I'll have something interesting to tell y'all. Here it is:

This month last year, in one sunny summer day, Mum took me to a place called beach, which was basically my first beach trip ever. It was the best trip I've ever had all my life.

Before leaving, Mum told me that beach is a place full of sand and salty water. I didn't understand what so fun about that and why Mum looked so excited all the way there until I got there myself.

We drove for 1.5 hours straight to reach the beach.

We arrived there and it was incredibly hot, but everything there is beyond purrfect!

I was so captivated by the beauty of the beach till I couldn't even pay attention to the camera.

Before I started to swim, we took shelter at this gazebo that looks like a traditional fishing boat. Awesome!

I even wore my beach outfit.

"I'm ready to swim, Mum!"

Me getting ready to touch down.

And um... those are some awkward photos of me touching seawater for the first time. I was nervous!

I was wet and covered by sand, but it was really fun!

I love beach! I love beach! I love beach!

And this is me after some fun, looking at da bootyful beach from distant.

Mum took the time to shoot me in my first beach day, caught me swimming and all. I copied this from her Youtube video. Not gonna lie, I didn't look my best here because I was nervous. Here's the real proof:

That's all from my last year beach trip. Beach was so fun! I hope Mum take me there again anytime soon.


  1. Lucky pup! I luvs gettin to go to da beach!

    1. yuppp. and i really wanna go there again...

  2. Hi, Suri! I'm Noodle! I'm a Schnauzer mix...a Schnoodle to be exact (we think). I love the picture of you smiling in the chair. I look forward to reading more about you! *ear licks* Noodle

    1. oh hi noodle!! nice to meet ya.
      your name sounds like Mum's favorite food, which i think is cutee!
      i also have a schnoodle buddy, she is adorable, just like you!
      thank you for dropping by :)


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