August 22, 2015

Oh, hi there!

My name is Lady Suri or you can just simply call me Suri. I am a cute and lovable Miniature Schnauzer from Indonesia.

Mum, my female hooman, is a nice fella. She lets me watch the stuffs she does with her laptop which introduce me to the world of blogging. First, she showed me pictures of other cutie doggies who blog about their fun life. And since then, I can't help but to read more and more blogs of other pet. I'm still learning to blog for myself and reading other pet blogs has become my addiction recently. Seriously, I'm addicted to it!! And I want to have a blog for myself too. And write it all about me. And share all my cute pictures. And tell the world my adventures.

Oh my! I'm really excited to do this bloggy thing now.

I hope you'll read about me.


Drop a comment to make me dance. Wiggly wiggly!