August 24, 2015

A Mini Me! - Handmade Schnauzer Paper Mache

Just in case you haven't heard, Mum loves to make things with her hands. When she's not having much work to do, she will spare some time to make something and if I'm lucky enough, that something is for me (80 percent of the time I consider myself lucky).

Stuffs she had made that relate to me include: dog bow tie, dog toys, dog paw art, schnauzer silhouette wall art, my decorative letter for room decor, a lot of paintings, ...

and this (my ultimate favorite):

A Mini version of Me!

She made it out of some paper and glue. I snoopervised her during the making of that fake schnauzer, follow the photos below.

First, she gathered all the materials like newspapers (any thin paper will do!), white glue, plastic container, scissor, florist wire, paper tape, acrylic paint, and paint brush.

She made the basic shape of schnauzer using wire and some paper tape. 

Then she made paste of white glue and some water. And soak small pieces of newspaper in it.

After that, she put the newspaper pieces on that base schnauzer until it's fully covered.

This is how Mini Me looks when it was fully covered with newspaper. Mum left it like this for some hours until it was fully dry.

Then she started painted it with acrylic paint and refer to me as much as she can.

This Mini Me went to sunbathe for about 3-4 hours to make sure it was completely dry.

And that's it!

I know it looks nothing like me, but I like how everyone in the house would automatically scream my name when they see it. So, I like it!! But sadly, Mum didn't allow me to play with it. Mum said Mini Me is so sensitive and vulnerable. Just like me! Only I am bigger. And stronger. And not vulnerable at all.

Ugh. I really dislike the word vulnerable.


  1. Hello Suri! Whitley sent us over to meet you. What a cutie you are! We are going to sign up to follow your blog.

    1. whitley is so nice to me!! I'm follwing ya too :)

  2. Hey Suri! What up? Whitley sent us over to say 'hey' and meet your pawsome self! Come on overs and visit my bloggie and say hi, and meet all my furiends! Oh, and I thinks your Mini-me is pawsome!!!
    Ruby ♥

    1. oh ruby!! thanks for droppin by! i really ruff your bloggie!! following ya :)

  3. Hi Suri, I am Ziggy and my buddy Whitley sent me over to meet you. I hope we can be buddies too. I bet we can have fun together.

    Ziggy Out!!

    1. hi ziggy! nice to meet ya too. yes, let's be furriends! i love your bloggie :)

  4. Hi!! Whitley Westie sent me over! I'm Maddie. I'm following your blog now!! Welcome to the Bloggy World!!
    Love, #MaddiethePug

    1. hi maddie! yes. i'm still tryin to learn to blog myself, but i'm sure i'm gonna ruff it. thanks for droppin by!

  5. Oh I luffs mini me!!!!!
    Well done Mom, what a pawsome mini!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx
    PeeS I is now following you.....

    1. Mum said thanks to your kind woofs, princess leah!
      oh, you're so sweet. i'm following ya too xxx

  6. That is so pawsum!! Yer Momma is quite talented!


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