August 31, 2015

Suri Goes to Singapore part 1

Psst.. to all my cuties!

I wanna share a rebel story I did last year. This is just between us so please don't tell the dawg cops because I prefer my own jail in my house.

It started with Mum leaving to Singapore again for many couple days. This is no good because it meant she had to leave me and enjoy the trip all by herself. So that night when she told me she was about to sleep early for the morning flight, I packed my luggage because I knew I must go with her.

I never went abroad before, I have no passport or ticket but I really need to be with Mum. I know Mum always booked a near window seat on the plane so I came up to surprise her like:

"Mum, you forgot your most important belonging: ME!"

Clumsy Mum was shocked. But she had to act normal. I knew if it weren't in public, she would call me in her dumb raised voice. Airplane flight is not my favorite thing, after all.

After 2-3 hours flying I, I mean we, arrived in Singapore safely. FINALLY I go abroad! Singapore is a very smart city. We always used public transportation here and Mum said that I should be nice all the time if I want her to take me to travel around Singapore. "Of course, why not?" I replied to her. I sat nicely in the passenger seat whenever we rode the bus or train.

Our first destination is Singapore Flyer. That's one HUGE Ferris Wheel. It has an overall height of 165 meters (541 feet). From up there I saw so many tiny tiny buildings spread over Singapore. The buildings are very detailed tho. I copied Mum's outfit in this photo.

The following day we went shopping in Bugis area. Very crowded. Not my favorite. Next.

We headed to Singapore Botanical Garden. This is my favorite. Because it's a very large playground. I jumped in a pond even though it ain't for swimming. Mum said "Be careful, Suri! The pond is deep and even human can drown". But don't worry I was using a red swimming float and it was a total of fun.

I will tell you more about my Singapore trip in part 2. Stay tuned!
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August 30, 2015

Wish List Checked Off: New Painting of Me!

I'm so happy. Two of my wish list 2015 are now checked off. Yay!

First is having 200 followers on my Instagram (@ladysurii). Second one is FINALLY managed to grab Mum to draw me this weekend. This is the result:


I also change my blog header with this illustration and put a description under my blog title: "A Miniature Schnauzer's Diary". Look here:

My new blog header!

I'm really happy with how my blog looks now. Thanks Mum!

Meanwhile, excuse me while I finish this brat in our epic bitey face this weekend.

August 29, 2015

Meet Coco and Lammy!

Hi y'all!
This weekend my two curly cousins are staying at my house. They are my Mum's sister's furkids. They often come to my house, usually every weekend or two. I'm gonna introduce you to them.

This is Coco. Say "Hi, Coco!"

Coco is a white mini poodle. Coco and I used to live together at my house until his parents moved earlier this year. Coco's new house is 3 hours away from my house. Now we only meet once a week on the weekend. Coco is of my age, we share the same birthday month, which is November. Last year we celebrated our first birthday pawty at my house.

This is Lammy. Say "Hi, Lammy!"

Lammy is a cute little pup, she's only 7 months old! She's a black mix poodle. Her hair is not as curly as Coco but still so wavy. Her eyes are round and bright but they are sometimes mysteriously missing and you can't tell where exactly her eyes are. When I first met her, she was walking with Coco and I was like "OMD!! Coco's shadow is alive!" But then I realized they are two different set of paws.

I'm always soooo excited when they come. This weekend will be awesome!!!! More on them later.

August 28, 2015

FFHT - August: Suri Rides the Waves

Hi there,
Just recently I am becoming a citizen of Blogville and today I decided to join this cool Fractured Fryday Hairy Tails from Mayor Murphy and Stanley.

Fractured Fryday Hairy Tails a.k.a. F.F.H.T.

Ok, so here's my story for this month:
(based on true made up story)

It would be really embarrassing if everyone knew...

this photo is fake.

I mean, I really really wanna go to da beach this summer, running in the sand, splashing water, maybe surfing or anything, but Mum keeps tellin me that she is extremely "busy". So that day I got really really upset and I went back to my bed to sleep all day. And ya know what, when I woke up late that evening, I saw that photo.

Grand Dad and Grand Mum was laffing happily after I showed them this cool photo of me surfing. Well, I mean, I look great in that two pieces bikini and that lime green surfing board and I splash water too, so I guess I can forgive Mum for this time.

August 27, 2015

TBT: S For Suri!

OMD Throwback Thursday!! I needa find a photo of me from like hella long ago and post it here...

Found it!

I was exactly 5 months old in that picture.

Wait, there's more.

Posing innocent. Check.

Turn right, turn left. Check.

Happy face. Check.

There's also a video of this series too, I was posing and doing some pup tricks too (so Mum will pass the treats to me). Now that I look back and realize, what a smart puppy I was! Watch it here:

Wasn't I such a cutie?

August 26, 2015

Dog Postcards Collection

Hi paws,
Today I'll show you some treasures that me and Mum've been collectin since last year.


Mum signed up to a cool website called Postcrossing. That site helps her to add more postcards in the mailbox.

A postcard, even just with only a simple "Hello" on it, never fails to make us feel so happy. Me always so excited when a postman comes, me always greet them with glee (:

Aaaand receiving postcards of dogs is our ultimate happiness!

We hang our postcards like this so it is nice to see. It's getting full! Mum needs to find a new way to display it.

We have a total of 48 postcards so far and this one is our favorite:

It is the most adorable card we've ever received! It comes with a bundle of: amazing spaniel painting envelope, cute rottweiler pups post stamps, lovely note with schnauzer drawing on it, and a pawesome illustration dog postcard! The sender even wrote our address with beautiful handwriting. I ruff it!

Me and mum are hopefully hoping to get more and more postcards in our mailbox, especially dog postcards!

Do ya like collecting things? Because I'm sure I really do.

August 25, 2015

How My Summer Went This Year

Hi furriends,
I’m gonna be talkin about how I spent my summer this year.

As you can see I'm not so excited.

It was planned that Mum and I go to the beach again this summer but then she was suddenly exploded by a lot of works to do so basically I just spent my whole Summer at home, doing my normal daily routine, everyday.

I don't do much during the hottest season of the year.

Honestly speaking, it's always summer here in Indonesia. The temperature rarely drops below 25 degrees Celsius. However, we do have two seasons: wet and dry, but throughout the year, the temperatures averaging around 28 degrees Celsius (that's around 83 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day. The only difference between dry and wet season is that there are more rains falling during wet season from October to April.

The only thing that makes me happy this Summer is when Mum takes me outside for some walkies. She managed to do that every day, tho.

Anyway, the hottest months of the year is between July to August, that's when the heat was ridiculous and the paving is hot enough to fry an egg!

Mum and I do our walkies routine in early morning or evening so we won't melt our my paws. 

Mum been planting new seeds again and it started to sprout out.

And I'm helping out too by making some composts, but Mum didn't seem so happy about it.

We don't have a pool, only this small fish pond in our mini balcony garden. Sometimes I really want to jump in but that would mean another bath so I restrain myself not to.

When I'm not outside you can find me laying in bed for some nap time.

Or playing with chewable stuffs toys (that makes me happy too!)

And that's how my summer went this year, just like every other day in my life. I hope something exciting happens very soon.

Pee. S. Oh, I really really need to get Mum to take me to somewhere exciting a.s.a.p. (preferably beach or pool or any watery area) because I really really luv Whitley Westie and I really really wanna join Whitley Westie's pool pawrty.


*rushing to Mum*

Bye for now.

August 24, 2015

A Mini Me! - Handmade Schnauzer Paper Mache

Just in case you haven't heard, Mum loves to make things with her hands. When she's not having much work to do, she will spare some time to make something and if I'm lucky enough, that something is for me (80 percent of the time I consider myself lucky).

Stuffs she had made that relate to me include: dog bow tie, dog toys, dog paw art, schnauzer silhouette wall art, my decorative letter for room decor, a lot of paintings, ...

and this (my ultimate favorite):

A Mini version of Me!

She made it out of some paper and glue. I snoopervised her during the making of that fake schnauzer, follow the photos below.

First, she gathered all the materials like newspapers (any thin paper will do!), white glue, plastic container, scissor, florist wire, paper tape, acrylic paint, and paint brush.

She made the basic shape of schnauzer using wire and some paper tape. 

Then she made paste of white glue and some water. And soak small pieces of newspaper in it.

After that, she put the newspaper pieces on that base schnauzer until it's fully covered.

This is how Mini Me looks when it was fully covered with newspaper. Mum left it like this for some hours until it was fully dry.

Then she started painted it with acrylic paint and refer to me as much as she can.

This Mini Me went to sunbathe for about 3-4 hours to make sure it was completely dry.

And that's it!

I know it looks nothing like me, but I like how everyone in the house would automatically scream my name when they see it. So, I like it!! But sadly, Mum didn't allow me to play with it. Mum said Mini Me is so sensitive and vulnerable. Just like me! Only I am bigger. And stronger. And not vulnerable at all.

Ugh. I really dislike the word vulnerable.

August 23, 2015

Throwback: My First Beach Day!

Nuthin fun happens recently. Mum been busy with her illustrations project and said that she doesn't even have time for herself. Too bad, she promised me to take me to somewhere cool this summer. I really want to scold her for being unreliable, but I feel sorry for herself. She rarely had proper sleeping time these days too. So to cure this summer boredom, I guess I'll be just chewing furniture chillin with myself for a while even though it feels like the most boring days ever. Ugh!

To make me feel better about myself and instead of complaining about how dull this summer is, I think I'll just have a look at my beach trip photos from last year and share it here so that I'll have something interesting to tell y'all. Here it is:

This month last year, in one sunny summer day, Mum took me to a place called beach, which was basically my first beach trip ever. It was the best trip I've ever had all my life.

Before leaving, Mum told me that beach is a place full of sand and salty water. I didn't understand what so fun about that and why Mum looked so excited all the way there until I got there myself.

We drove for 1.5 hours straight to reach the beach.

We arrived there and it was incredibly hot, but everything there is beyond purrfect!

I was so captivated by the beauty of the beach till I couldn't even pay attention to the camera.

Before I started to swim, we took shelter at this gazebo that looks like a traditional fishing boat. Awesome!

I even wore my beach outfit.

"I'm ready to swim, Mum!"

Me getting ready to touch down.

And um... those are some awkward photos of me touching seawater for the first time. I was nervous!

I was wet and covered by sand, but it was really fun!

I love beach! I love beach! I love beach!

And this is me after some fun, looking at da bootyful beach from distant.

Mum took the time to shoot me in my first beach day, caught me swimming and all. I copied this from her Youtube video. Not gonna lie, I didn't look my best here because I was nervous. Here's the real proof:

That's all from my last year beach trip. Beach was so fun! I hope Mum take me there again anytime soon.